Welcome to Melanie Hibbert Exercise Physiology & Pilates



Melanie Hibbert Exercise Physiology & Pilates aims to help you with whatever your exercise needs may be. Whether it be:

  • Injury Rehabilitation including work injuries, sports injuries, pre surgical and post surgical rehabilitation.

  • Made to Move exercise classes using Bosu's, weights, Pilates reformers, wunda chairs, exercise balls, Pilates rings, foam rollers and much more

  • Chronic Disease Prevention/Reduction including Diabetes, Obesity, Mental Health, Arthritis, Neurological Conditions and much more

  • Falls prevention

  • Weight Loss

  • Lifestyle Modification

  • Strength & Conditioning including sport specific training

Alternatively Contact Us Here:

29 Brooke St Engadine, NSW, Australia 2233


0405 341 091