At Melanie Hibbert Exercise Physiology & Pilates we have many services that can assist you with your needs. We specialise in prescribing individualised exercise programs for many different populations and conditions.


We understand everyone is different and because of this we take different approaches with everyone individualising your program and adapting it to your needs and desires. We help you create goals and help you fit your exercise routine into your life.


We want you to enjoy your exercise routine, we want to help you find your WHY and we want to help you adapt your lifestyle to one that helps you become a fitter, healthier you.


PRIVATE HEALTH FUND REBATES AVAILABLE. Available to work with: Work Cover NSW, Compulsory Third Party, Department of Veterans Affairs and Medicare clients also.

           INJURY REHABILITATION AND PREVENTION including Falls Prevention


Programs for injury rehabilitation including work injuries, sports injuries, pre operative and post operative. Programs all individualised based on clients needs and desires.


Programs for injury prevention/reduction including sport specific programs and work based conditioning.


          Made to Move exercise classes


Group (3 on 1) or 1 on 1 Made to Move exercises classes utilising Bosu's, weights, Pilates reformers, wunda chairs, exercise balls, foam rollers and lots of other equipment in a small home studio. These classes are suitable for most people, as each person gets an individualised program tailored to their wants and needs.


Great for injury rehabilitation, general and specific strengthening and stretching programs. Our Made to Move exercise classes focus on both the body and the mind leading to more conscious body awareness. These classes can help improve muscle strength, balance, posture, mobility, strength and tone whilst decreasing stress levels.


           CHRONIC DISEASE PREVENTION/REDUCTION including Weight Loss and Lifestyle Modification


Chronic Disease modification programs to help reduce the risk of Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease, Lung Problems, Mental Health, Arthritis, Neurological Disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease and much more.


We look at Lifestyle Modfication and Weight Loss through adapting your exercise routine and your food intake.



Strength and Conditioning training for Sport Specific Training or General Strength Training and Personal Training.


Training tailored to your goals and desires.


Group training of up to 3 people or 1 on 1 training. Indoor and Outdoor training available.