About Us

Our Mission

Melanie Hibbert Exercise Physiology aims to provide an exceptional quality service to assist our clientele both physically and mentally reach their potential through exercise, education and action.


Our Vision

Melanie Hibbert Exercise Physiology strives to be the most valuable and respected Exercise Physiology and Pilates service in the local market, providing quality services, educating their clientele and the community and enabling them to take action towards a healthier, happier lifestyle now and in the future.


Where it all started...

At 16, our Owner and Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Melanie, sustained a major knee injury whilst playing basketball, tearing her Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and cartilage in her right knee. After major surgery and a long rehabilitation process Melanie had gained so much weight she weighed over 100kg, all this by the age of 17. Melanie decided this was not going to be her life and started to work towards losing the weight through lifestyle modification. Melanie changed her diet and began increasing her exercise routine as her knee became stronger. By 19 Melanie had lost close to 30kg and re-shaped her life completely.


As a teenager Melanie had a strong desire to become a Chef but the experience of her knee rehabilitation showed her there was another path she could take given her experience and thus her career as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist began to emerge. After 5 years at the University of Western Sydney Melanie completed her studies and decided to travel and work overseas in Canada, this adventure lasted 3 years and allowed her to work with some amazing Physiotherapists in Canada. Learning on the job and carving a career path unlike any other.


Since returning to Australia in late 2011 Melanie has worked in various different roles building her experience even further within the realm of Exercise Physiology.


In September 2014, during a holiday to China, Melanie sustained her second traumatic injury to her right knee after being struck by an electric moped in the streets of Chengdu. After returning home scans showed multiple ligament tears, including the ACL, PCL and MCL, as well as further cartilage tears. Prior to surgery and just two weeks after surgery in November 2014 Melanie continued to work in her role as an Exercise Physiologist in a clinic in Wollongong. Melanie felt if she showed people that she could continue to work even with such a traumatic injury it may inspire them to work that little bit harder toward their own goals.


Melanie has always participated in many sports from Soccer to Softball and everything in between. Her latest love for the last few years has been AFL. Just 9 months after her knee surgery Melanie was given the all clear to play AFL again. Being able to play the last 5 games of the season was a goal Melanie had set herself at the beginning of her rehabilitation and she managed to complete her goal.


Melanie is proof that hard work and perseverance pays off. Melanie believes perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you've already done. Even on the days where you just can't be bothered to do your exercises its important you get it done. Ensuring you know your goals and knowing your WHY (Why are you doing this?) are extremely important to anyone gaining their success.


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